Whenever I decorate a home, a massage sanctuary,
a lounge, or any intentional space, creating an area of
beauty and connection is important to me. I see
an altar as the central focal point of the room, an area
that brings all the energy of the space together
in sacred union. An altar can be composed of
anything; collectible objects, photographs, figurines,
soft fabrics, etc. As I create an altar, I like to
design it symmetrically to look like a mandala. I use
earthy objects like seashells, plants, flowers,
crystals, and rocks, as well as spiritual figurines
like god/goddess statues to set the tone.
Beautiful fabrics create just the right mood,
depending on the theme and the time of year.

I started decorating intentional spaces
10 years ago at parties, with the vision of
having a relaxing, spiritual environment
for people to feel comfortable in.
Color combination, fabrics, artwork,
mood lighting, and pillows are essential
in creating a temple-like space. Every time
a person enters a room I've decorated,
I enjoy watching the metamorphosis
from the busy, hurried look on their
face to the gentler, "I'm home...
and relaxed" expression.

If you are interested in having altars
and/or beautiful decor set up in your
home, at a party, festival, event,
please contact me and we can
negotiate together. You deserve
to have beauty and tranquility
around your home
every day!