My father started me on my musical path at the age of 3. I began playing piano alongside him, as he was also a musician. At age 5 I took public lessons, where I wowed the class with my prodigal skills. I continued to play for another 5 years, and then I switched over to playing the violin throughout middle school. In college, I picked up the guitar for awhile, but my real musical passion was the drum.

The first time I played with other drummers was in a huge underground pipe that ran through the center of town. We would go inside at night and play away. The first hand drum I tried playing was the Afro-Cuban conga. The acoustics were wonderful, and I became hooked and hand drumming from that point on.

From the Grateful Dead parking lot, to the drum circle in college towns, to where I'm currently at today with Brazilian music,

drumming plays such an important role in my life. It represents the root chakra, the base, the realm that connects us to the earth and the mother's heartbeat. Drumming is such a beautiful meditation for me. Music is the universal language...

I currently play in several Brazilian drum groups. In Santa Cruz, I play with Bateria Saborosa and Goddess Funk, and in the San Francisco bay area I play with Bateria Lucha Any upcoming shows I will be a part of will be listed in the calendar. If you need drummers for your show, please contact me and I will be happy to provide some tasty beats for you!

Samba Stilt Circus Chinese New Year 2012

Video of Bateria Saborosa at Chinese New Year 2008

Video of Bateria Saborosa in Santa Cruz May 2008