I have been helping with event coordination for 7 years, ranging anywhere from dance parties, to play parties, to spiritual circles, and more. I have created a certain protocol on how to consciously create an event that serves both the individuals hosting it as well as the audience involved. When working with me, I can help educate you with any of the following:

And more.

Please let me know if you have any event ideas that are brewing for you. I would love to help you create magic in your community!


“Women’s Sexual Awakening & Awareness”
workshop for women 2/18-2/20/2010

“Feast & Prosper”
A Root Chakra Fundraiser event 1/15/2011

“Temple of Desire”
A Sacral Chakra Fundraiser event 2/18/11

“Dance of Empowerment”
A Solar Chakra Fundraiser event 3/19/11

“Heart of Healing”
A Heart Chakra Fundraiser event 4/16/11

“Voices of Truth”
A Throat Chakra Fundraiser event 5/20/11

“Beyond Visions”
A Third Eye Chakra Fundraiser event 6/18/11

“Lotus Crowning”
A Crown Chakra Fundraiser event 7/23/11

Chakralicious Camp at Burning Man
(4:20 @ Coming Out)