Come receive a session of your choosing, for I have a background in many styles of therapeutic bodywork. Relax with a Swedish session, get your muscles to loosen up with Deep Tissue, See your body heal from injuries with Sports Massage. allow your breathing to expand with Lymphatic Massage, experience the ancient Oriental style of Thai Massage, feel the plates in your head realign with Cranio Sacral, and breathe in the herbal scents of Aromatherapy. I have been a therapeutic bodyworker for 12 years and have over 1000 hours of training, of which I learned at Harbin Hot Springs and in Thailand.

Gift yourself the joy of healing touch soon!

Also, if you would like to have a group of healers at your events, I create massage sanctuaries with a wide variety of bodyworkers available. In the past we have set up at various events such as Earthdance, Harmony Festival, and other indoor dance parties and live concerts. Please let me know if you would like a plethora of healers to cater your gathering today!