Over the past several years, and after getting over some inner stage fright, I have gradually expanded my artistic nature and have gotten in touch with my performance and exhibitionist side. I have always wanted to express myself through theatrical art, and since my move to the Bay area, I have been able to do just that. It started with being in a collective called Mystic Family Circus www.mysticfamilycircus.com, a non-profit multi-cultural collective whose mission is to activate a conscious, peaceful, and sustainable culture through performing arts, community building, creative expression, and education. Mostly my theatrical involvement with them included ritual theater and parades for festivals.

I am currently in a collective called The Tantric Circus www.tantriccircus.com, a diverse group of healers, erotic educators, artists, and performers igniting the movement of the Erotic Re-Evolution. In the past few months, the Tantric Circus performed in San Francisco, Northern California, and Hawaii, and my offering as a performer has been to open people's hearts and consciousness to the wonders of sacred sexuality. And last but certainly not least, I am in a performance piece called the "Super Shakti Tantric Tea Ceremony", an opulent ritual feast culminating in a tantric darshan & shaktipat (one-on-one offering). See my photos page to check out my art, as well as the calendar to know of more upcoming events.

  The Tantric Sirens

The Tantric Circus/Element-Archetype piece