I have always felt a connection to something outside of what is visible to the naked eye. I was raised Jewish, and had my bat mitzvah at age 12. When I was 13, I started asking more questions, especially about what happens to us when we die. Jews don't have a heaven or hell concept, so this question was particularly strong for me. Who is God, really? I had a love for astronomy and have a very scientifically knowledgable father who told me about the planets and constellations. In grade school we learned about Greek Mythology and the different gods and goddesses. Then, in high school, I discovered Western astrology. I figured out that combining both Greek mythology and astronomy brings us astrology. My interest in other-worldy lives began.

In college, while following the Grateful Dead, a friend of mine turned me on to Ram Dass. "Just be here now", he would say to me when I was in my head a lot. I loved the drum circles that were a constant in the Grateful Dead parking lot, and the rhythm connected me to the earth in a very special way. Later on in Santa Barbara, I went to my first women's circle. We were taught about the different goddesses from around the world, which intrigued me, for I had never really known much about deities other than from Greece. I became so much more appreciative and connected to the earth and all her functions the more I learned about the goddess and her historical roots.

One of the main interests that Harbin Hot Springs had for me back then was the continuous spiritual activities that happened there. I participated in kirtan chanting, women's circles, sweat lodges, pipe ceremonies, yoga, full and new moon ceremonies, the 8 Wiccan Sabbats. I loved feeling so connected and alive, and I felt my path as a spiritually conscious being grow deeper.

Continuing to practice many of the forms of divine connection learned in my own home, I created ritual before mealtimes, before a bath, before making love, and so on. While living in Sebastopol, I planted a garden in the shape of a medicine wheel, with different plants representing the four directions/elements. I also learned about dozens of different kinds of herbs and their magikal and medicinal properties. Setting up altars became one artistic form of connecting to spirit, along with yoga, massage, music, and so on.

My spiritual teachings and personal beliefs have become a conglomerate of many cultures. I am connected to Wicca, Hinduism, Taoism, Tantra, the Orishas, Judaism, goddesses from around the world, certain Native American cultures, and most forms of Pagan mythology. Some of the current spiritual offerings I host are: If you are interested in attending one of my gatherings or have plans to have a spiritual component at yours, please contact me and let's exchange ideas. I am happy to be your personal priestess!