I was hit by the film bug when I was 8 years old, after listening to storybook records and having the desire to re-create what I was listening to on video. In middle school and high school, I lived and breathed theater, with dreams of becoming a professional filmmaker. For my senior year I studied television production along with theater. During college, I spent a year in Santa Barbara going to Brooks Institute of Photography and Cinematography, but the technical curriculum was not my style and I decided to go through a big life change.

After taking some down time as a healer, I decided to give film and video another chance, and with the help of new technology, tech-savvy friends and my own Macintosh computer, I began creating my own video projects. At last!

I have filmed and produced several grass roots videos, some for personal use, some for private collectives. Some of my favorite videos to create are promotional videos for dance and performance troupes, sensual and erotic videos, and visual graphics that have been projected over the dj area during all night dance parties. My dream is to one day film a live birth...wow!

If you are interested in having me create a video project for you, or bring my own work into an event you are a part of, please contact me and I will be happy to oblige. Here is a sample of my work for your viewing enjoyment:

  "The Tantric Sirens"

"Nature Goddess Earthy Visuals"

"El Circo promo video 2002"

"The Tantric Circus Hawaii Tour Video 2008"

"Orgasmic Birth of the Goddess"

"Sensitive People"

"Let’s Go Grow Some Dope"